Mekkora nyomást képes az NS és NT elviselni az előlap felöl
Created By: Ákos Szijjártó on 2006.06.06 at 11:35
Category: NS, NT

Topic : Pressure on the display of NT

NS12 30N (But 472N tested OK )
NS10 30N (But 100N tested OK )
NS7 30N (But 100N tested OK )
NT20M 14(kgf/cm²)
NT600M, NT612G, NT620S/C 5.5
NT20S, NT30 20
NT600S 16.8
NT31/631 or NS : Manual value = 30N as guranteed value.
Ex) NS Test result with 3 sample for all families are OK.

Static weight for the brake front glass : 180N (NT631), 230N (NT31)

Panel mounted NT is used to avoid gas from inside of panel by exposing fresh air.
They call it Purging pressure. They need 2K pa instead of 600 ps outside of pannel.
What is max. pressure could be our specification?

We do not have the test procedure. But we tested by finger pressure for the touch panel.
Maximum Pressure on the display of NT20S: 20.0 kgf/cm². (This is improved version.)
Normally air duct to purge gas from the pane is to be prepaired.
Then front sheet is curved by high pressure. We do not have the solution, therefore control panel must have the hole to remove the fresh air in the same pressureas it is input.

NEMA4 specifys 246 liter / min. by the nosle 25.4mm dia. by distance 3.05m-3.65m in 5 min.
NEMA ratings:

Max. temperature gap of Cleaning water and ambient causes the clack of glass
Our test is heat shock. 70°C(3H) to -25°C(3H)by 3 min. (No powered) but in air.
We tested the pressure of the water to conform with NEMA4.But only by ambient temperature.
No data is available for the gap of water temperature and atmosphere.

Memo from R&D:
Following air pressure seems to be OK.
1) PWB: High=No problem, Low=1000m height, 767mmHg (Reason: Isolation distance)
2) Chmical capacitor: 1/2 to 2 atm
3) LCD : upto 4 atm
4) CFL : upto 40 atm (2 hours), Low=Same as PWB
5) Total : 90200 to 202,600 Pa. (0.89 to 2 atm.)

We have no idea about the time consuming result.

Minimum pressure to turn on by the pressure is 100 GF for all NT design. This is valid depending conditions, but we need to press by 100gj, then touch key is operated.